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The student, citizen scientist, reseacher and teacher

Artedi was developed in 2015 by two graduate students and three early career professionals in graphic design and app development. It was completely funded through crowdsourcing and involved months of work, research and prototyping.

There is no substitution for dedicated time spent learning fish identification in the classroom. However, this app will help you bridge the gap between what you see in the books and presentations, and what you actually experience underwater.


Learn More Underwater

Practice the skills of visual census and fish identification simultaneously.

Fish identification and underwater visual census, two skills traditionally taught independent of each other can now be a technique developed in glorious unison. Artedi teaches you to recognize the most common Caribbean reef fish, while allowing you to record fish diversity and abundance through simple touchscreen commands.


Eliminate Data Entry

Seriously reduce your post processing time.

You know how long it takes to transfer survey data to a spreadsheet. Artedi can now eliminate hours of post processing by saving all your survey information in a .csv file. Upload this file into Excel and marvel at the simplicity while toasting to the future of scientific data collection. In fact, we have a template that will further arrange your data into a rather visually appealing format.


Artedi Features

Detailed Illustrations

Focus on the most defining features of the fish. 91 new fish illustrations currently in production to be added to the new web-based app, expected Fall 2018.

Sort by family or shape

Still learning the families? No problem, start by sorting the families by shape instead. Currently in development for the new web-based app, expected Fall 2018.

Camera Access

Turn your iPad into a camera or video recorder for quick snapshots of unknown fish. Currently in development for the new web-based app, expected Fall 2018.

Record meta data

Keep track of every aspect of your survey. Log your transect length, habitat type, depth, visibility, and more!

Export in .csv file

Save multiple surveys per dive and export them to Excel. Save hours of post survey processing.

Extensive ichthypedia

For quick reference in the field. Includes details on behavior and preferred habitat!

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